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BEFORE: Training Specialist

NOW: $80/HOUR Gig Offer in JUST Two Weeks!

Maxine S. USA

Meet Maxine, who, much like many, yearned for a career that offered flexibility, creativity, and handsome compensation. Stumbling upon some Copy Sharks reviews, she saw what others had said and decided to take the plunge. In less than two weeks after completing the course, she secured an incredible writing gig that pays her an impressive $80 per hour. Her story is a testament to the transformational power of Copy Sharks, showing how it can turn dreams into tangible success. If Maxine can do it, so can you.

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BEFORE: Office Worker

NOW: Paid Clients In TwoWeeks Time!

Jason K. USA

Meet Jason, one of our favorites of our Copy Sharks reviews. He was your average office worker, stuck in the monotonous 9-5 grind. He wanted to see the world, not just through a computer screen or in stolen vacation days, but he had no idea how to turn his dream into a reality. Today, Jason is not just a dreamer, he's a doer. Just two weeks after enrolling in Copy Sharks, his life has transformed. Now, he’s a successful freelance writer with multiple high-paying, recurring clients.


BEFORE: Organic Farmer

NOW: DOUBLED Income to $76,000 in JUST Two Months!

Jacob O. USA

Jacob, a hardworking farmer, had a life tethered to the land, leaving him little flexibility and a capped income. Today, Jacob's story is nothing short of remarkable. After diving into Copy Sharks, he doubled his income and transformed his lifestyle in ways he never thought possible. Now, he enjoys the flexibility to work from anywhere, broadening his horizons beyond the farm fields.


BEFORE: Real Estate "Office Job"

NOW: Profitable Freelancer in 6 Weeks!

Meg S. USA

We could say a lot about Meg, but perhaps her own words say more than we ever could: ‚ÄúIt is rare to find people like Mike and Tom, who have the set of experiences and so generously share it and who are really vested in those who join the program‚Ķand that continue to offer support even after the program ends.‚ÄĚ Her words are invaluable to us, and this Copy Sharks review!¬†


BEFORE: Developer

NOW: 5x Increase in Web Traffic & Income!

Ashish B. USA

After completing Copy Sharks, Ashish’s career trajectory took an exciting turn. Combining his technical prowess with the writing skills he honed through our program, Ashish started growing his own profitable websites and providing specialized tech writing services in the freelance market, resulting in huge gains and a brand new life.

BEFORE: Government Worker

NOW: Profitable Freelancer on Day 3!

Julietta C. UK & Argentina

Julietta wanted to shake things up in life and dove into the 'Copy Sharks' program with an enthusiasm that was both palpable and contagious. Julietta's brilliance didn't stop there. In a testament to her newly-acquired skills and unmatched drive, she secured her first paid gig in an astonishing THREE DAYS post-completion. Watch the video to hear more about her story. 


Meeting Our Alumni Jason In Thailand!

"Mike, now that I have the freedom to live on my own terms, I've never been this happy..."

After just TWO months of joining Copy Sharks, Jason was living the dream, working from his laptop in Thailand.

We got to sipping on coconuts and enjoying a delicious beachside lunch, and I learned all about Jason's journey from working an office job for 30+ years to then taking the leap, deciding enough was enough, and finally joining Copy Sharks!

After just two short weeks, Jason was fully booked with clients and planed his "dream trip" to work/travel from Thailand! 

It was at this point that Jason said a phrase that I'll never, ever forget...

"Mike, now that I have the freedom to live on my own terms, I've NEVER been this happy..."

Copy Sharks reviews like these are exactly why we do what we do!

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Meet Your Instructors

Mike Swigunski & Thomas Hricik - Copy Sharks Founders

Mike Swigunski is a #1 bestselling author, remote work leader, and writer that has published numerous articles on Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC, and a variety of other prestigious publications. Thomas Hricik is a seven-figure content agency owner who has mentored and employed hundreds of freelance writers. Both have a 360-degree view of the freelance space and are excited to share everything they know.

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