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Thousands Are Earning Life Changing Money With Freelance Writing

Becoming a freelancer does NOT have to be difficult.

It is now possible to begin earning a full-time income online income as a freelance writer. You don't have to be an expert writer. As long as you have fluent English skills, this program is for you! 

No Prior Experience Required

No prior experience? No problem. We are 100% beginner friendly. If English is your Native language, you're ready.

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Starting EARNING while you learn to build your portfolio with real-world projects that get you paid.

97% Job Placement Rate

A whopping 97% of students who complete Copy Sharks land a job and have submitted at least 1 proposal.

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Jason K.

Jason was an office worker that was seeking more flexibility and freedom to work and travel the world. After joining Copy Sharks, Jason was able to land multiple paid clients in 2-weeks time AND these gigs are recurring and fully booked up all of his open writing slots for the foreseeable future so he can work/travel the world at his own pace now!




Now: Profitable Freelancer, After 6 Weeks

Meg S.

Meg had this to say about Copy Sharks, “It is rare to find people like Mike and Tom, who have the set of experiences and so generously share it and who are really vested in those who join the program…and that continue to offer support even after the program ends.”


Now: $76,000 per year Remote Job Offer, After 2 Months

Jacob O.

Jacob was a farmer seeking more flexibility and increasing his income. His growth was impressive to watch we are so proud to share his story. He doubled his income and now has the flexibility to work from anywhere!

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All 5-Star Reviews

Copy Shark students are receiving GREAT results, and they are sharing their transformation and reviews on Trustpilot. 

100% Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the Copy Sharks program, then we will give you a full refund within 30-days of purchasing the program. 

Get Paid Gigs

The Copy Sharks method works, and 97% of our students are landing paid gigs within 2-3 weeks of applying for jobs on Upwork! 


What's Included In Copy Sharks?

Six-Weeks Of Videos + More!

LIFE-TIME Access to the six-week training program and exclusive bonus content. Copy Sharks teaches you the FASTEST strategies and techniques to become a profitable freelance writer. There is no FLUFF or BS and we only focus on practices that will have an impact and earn you more money!

Private Copy Sharks Community Access

You'll have exclusive access to mingle with aspiring entrepreneurs, successful freelancers, and of course, your expert instructors. This will allow you immediate feedback and answers to any questions you might have and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

Curated Software & Tools For Writing

There are a TON of overpriced software and tools out there. We, however, focus on the BEST pieces of software that almost nobody else is talking about. All of these tools massively reduce your learning curve and assist in improving every aspect of your freelancing journey! 

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Meet Your Instructors

Mike Swigunski & Thomas Hricik - Copy Sharks Founders

Mike Swigunski is a #1 bestselling author, remote work leader, and writer that has published numerous articles on Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC, and a variety of other prestegious publications. Thomas Hricik is a six-figure content agency owner who has mentored and employed hundreds of freelance writers. Both have a 360-degree view of the freelance space and are excited to share everything they know.


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